Diana Vassilenko

Diana is a passionate yoga teacher whose yoga journey began when she was diagnosed with scoliosis at 11 years. She saw the transformative power of yoga already as a child, and kept witnessing the healing changes in her body and mind throughout the years thanks to her practice. After completing her psychology thesis, she got certified as a yoga teacher and began teaching classes that would help others explore the joys of yoga. She has trained with Talia Sutra, Tony Lupinacci, Noelle Connoly and many other inspiring teachers worldwide. Diana loves creative, dynamic and strong sequencing.

Her classes are all about making her students feel empowered, connected and inspired. Her key teaching style is a hatha vinyasa spiced up with mobility and strength challenges, elements of power, flexibility and flow. She grasps inspiration both from the traditional lineages of Hatha Yoga as well as modern creative vinyasa. She loves the sense of community and peace yoga creates and actively works on fostering that for her students.