Our Practitioners

Elise Jay

Elise Jaye

Remedial Massage Therapist & Life Coach

Available: Saturday 3pm – 9pm
Phone: 0411 873 901
Email: jej24@hotmail.com

Elise Jaye is a Remedial Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Life Coach and Energy Healer with over 15 years experience. Elise has a commitment to healing, personal growth and a desire to assist clients illuminate and develop their core self.

Elise’s views massage as a form of nourishing your body and soul. Her clients find her approach nurturing and soothing and the result is often a combination of released tension, restored energy and deeper relaxation.

Also offering Holistic Life Coaching, Elise is equipped to support you through implementing change, illuminating your inner resources and strengths.

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Lurdes de Oliveira

Reiki Therapist

Available: Saturday
Phone: 0406 760 691
Email: lurdes.deoliveira.sydney@gmail.com

Lurdes has been practicing Reiki (Usui Lineage) for over 12 years. Reiki is an ancient energetic practice which enhances the body’s natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing. It is non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful. Reiki treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also often used to support orthodox and complementary medicine.

During a Reiki session, Lurdes directs the Reiki energy, using the gentle placement of her hands on or near the body. Lurdes’ treatments feel both relaxing and revitalising, in a space that is nurturing and supportive.

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Julia Landrey

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Available: By appointment
Phone: 0420 990 252
Email: julia@superconscious.com.au
Web: www.superconscious.com.au

Julia specialises in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which is a universal healing technique based on new discoveries regarding the body/mind energy system. It involves tapping the meridian points of the body in a sequence while tuned into an emotional or physical issue to dissolve the disruptions.

Julia teaches the skills of EFT for self hypnosis in order to empower clients with the skills they need to continue healing, as healing is a journey not an event.

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Sarah Jane Strachan

Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine

Available: Tuesday & Thursday
Phone: 0438 818 091
Email: sarahjaneacu@gmail.com
Web: www.sarahjaneacu.com

Sarah is a registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner. With 13 years in the health industry and a passion for treating all things fertility and pregnancy – you can feel confident in knowing that you are in good hands. Sarah is known for her gentle and caring nature and has a nurturing approach to treatments.

Sarah also loves working to achieve powerful results when treating facial rejuvenation, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Sarah utilises cupping, herbs, hot stones and acupuncture to provide clients with a uniquely relaxing experience.

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Lisa Vizza

Anne Lee-Lindsay


Available: Wednesday
Phone: 0414 728 547
Email: anneleelin@gmail.com
Web: anneleelindsay.com.au

Anne Lee-Lindsay works primarily in mid-to-long term psychotherapy with people who live with attachment and other relational traumas.

Anne is also trained to use Brainspotting to assist the shift of minute traumas that block performance in actors, sports people and others.

She holds degrees in both Nursing and Psychology, Post Graduate qualifications in Childbirth Education and Counselling and is trained in The Conversational Model of psychotherapy and Brainspotting. Anne sees patients at Union Street Yoga and Wellbeing on Wednesdays.

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Emma Webster

Emma Webster

Registered Psychologist

Available: Tuesday & Friday
Phone: 0405 508 522
Email: emma@emmawebster.com.au
Web: www.emmawebster.com.au

Emma is a warm, supportive and compassionate therapist, committed to assisting her clients to connect to their inner wisdom and strength, develop mindful awareness, and empower them to approach challenging life experiences and move toward their values.

Emma’s therapeutic interest is in how using mindfulness, meditation and compassion training and practice can harness neuroplasticity to help relieve suffering and build emotional resilience and connection. Emma is a member of the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA) and registered to provide Medicare rebated psychological services.

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Katy Batha

Katy Batha

Registered Psychologist

Available: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
Phone: 0421 345 156
Email: heartheadhand@optusnet.com.au
Web: www.heartheadhand.com.au

Katy is a registered psychologist and accredited clinical supervisor. Katy is also an accredited counsellor for the NSW Victims Support Service. She is interested in the many ways that we come to make meanings of life’s experiences, and how these understandings influence our responses to them.

Katy has trained in narrative practice with Michael White and the team at the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide, Australia; the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute; and in developmental trauma through the Australian Childhood Foundation.

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Waratah Karleu

Waratah Karleu

Sex and Relationship Counsellor

Available: By appointment
Phone: 0431 961 688
Email: connect@sexlovelife.com.au
Web: sexlovelife.com.au

Waratah Karleu takes a multidisciplinary approach to inspire greater fulfilment within sex, love and life. She is a trained Sexologist, Counsellor, Couples Therapist & Inspirational Wellness Coach, and Yoga & Wellbeing teacher.

Waratah facilitates a safe, empowering space for conversations around sex, sexuality, intimacy and relationships to happen. With the understanding that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives, Waratah is skilled in helping you to achieve contentment, fulfilment and empowerment for yourself and within your life.

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Lisa Vizza

Lisa Vizza


Available: Sunday
Phone: 0435 425 331
Email: lisa@junoacupuncture.com.au
Web: junoacupuncture.com.au

Lisa has worked with the general public for over 20 years and truly loves engaging with people from all walks of life. Having worked in a GP medical and allied health practice since 2009, Lisa has seen first-hand the powerful changes that can happen for patients when Western and Eastern healing practices come together.

Lisa’s studies have included Acupuncture, Chinese Dietary Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Counselling and Chinese Exercise Therapy. She is  is a fully registered acupuncturist with the AHPRA and the Chinese medicine Board of Australia.

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Rachel Morley

Rachel Morley

Remedial Massage Therapist

Available: Sunday
Phone: 0402 596 525
Email: hello@creativeheartspace.com.au
Web: creativeheartspace.com.au

Rachel is a compassionate therapist who not only works on the body but also the soul.

She is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist who specialises in Myofascial Release Technique and is registered with all health funds. She is a qualified and experienced Pregnancy Massage therapist.

Rachel also works with Energy Techniques to address conditions such as emotional overwhelm, stress, trauma and grief.

Rachel has over 10 years experience as a bodyworker, she is a Reiki Master and holds a Diploma in Energetic Healing.

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Rachel Morley

Cath Brown

Ortho-Bionomy® Practitioner,
Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher & Counselor

Available: Saturday
Phone: 0412 231 170
Email: cath@cathbrown.com.au
Web: cathbrown.com.au

Cath is an accredited Ortho-Bionomy® practitioner, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and Counselor, with over 15 years experience guiding her clients to deeper states of self-empowerment and embodied wellbeing.

Cath works with clients to address various conditions including acute and chronic pain, structural imbalances,  and stress-related symptoms, using gentle and non-invasive techniques focused on stimulating the body’s self-healing capacity.

Cath is offering Ortho-Bionomy® sessions and Private Yoga consultations.

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