Arm Balances & Inversions – Open to all levels

Explore new perspectives and play upside-down in this 2 hour inversions workshop with Marine Geraud!

Saturday 19 February, 2022 // 1pm – 3pm // $50

What to expect?

This workshop will be accessible and tailored to suit ALL LEVELS of experience.

It will start with core fundamental arm balances and inversions. There will then be TIME and expert guidance from Marine to progress and deepen your inversions practise should you wish. You will be met where you’re currently at, the choice to do less or more is yours.

This class, led by upside down enthusiast Marine, will offer a mix of drills / conditioning exercises and play time around poses that are often seen as challenging or not often taught/broken down in traditional 60 minutes yoga classes.

We will look at the common barriers/limitations faced by students when starting to have a more advanced practice (i.e lower back arches, ribs flaring out, legs not engaged), and ways to overcome those with specific techniques and exercises.

Forearm stand, chin stand, hand stand, and plenty of other arm balances variations and cool transitions will be on the menu!

You will also be taught some helpful stretching and recovering poses (hello wrists and shoulders!) so you can build a sustainable and healthy practice.

What to bring: We will be working with props, including 2x yoga blocks. While you can use our studio props, we recommend that you bring your own if you have some.

About Marine

French-born, Marine discovered yoga when she arrived in Australia back in 2015. She instantly fell in love with the practice and in particular with arm balances and inversion poses.She’s been teaching both beginners and advanced students how to safely practice those challenging poses, while making the learning process fun and tapping into student’s curiosity.

Getting upside down and balancing on your arms with your own body weight have some well known mental and physical benefits. But what I love the most about arm balances and inversions is that you can’t cheat. You have to be fully present, focused, and if you don’t have the foundations you simply won’t be able to get into the pose. This is a practice that keeps you honest about where you really are with your practice and where you need to still walk the talk. 

Whether you are just learning the techniques or have an advanced practice, the beauty of this practice is that is it never done! As I like to say, everything you do is the step one of something else.


19 Feb 2022


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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