Angelique Fernandes

Geraldine Healy

Beauty & Dermal Therapist

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday
0413 264 092

Geraldine is a qualified Beauty Therapist and Dermal Therapist with over 17 years-experience. Geraldine is determined to use her skills, knowledge and expertise to provide the best possible skincare for all her clients. She is an energetic and passionate businesswoman from the Emerald Isle who arrived in Australia in 2013 to embark upon a new chapter in her life. She strongly believes everyone deserves the chance to love the skin they are in and is committed to providing this opportunity for all her clients.

Her passion for skincare extends beyond surface treatments as she is an advocate for lifelong learning and understanding of what happens beneath the skin's surface as well as the nutritional benefits that contribute to enhancing the overall quality and appearance of skin. From a young age, Geraldine has always had a keen interest in this area and strongly believed that her path in life would inevitably lead her to establish her own brand and identity. As the youngest of 6 females in her family, skincare always featured heavily in family discussions and reflecting on those times has significantly influenced the establishment of MsGskinlife in early 2019.

Since her arrival down under, Geraldine has worked in several well-established clinics in the heart of Sydney where she has developed her understanding of clients’ needs and expectations. Her involvement in these clinics, coupled with her extensive expertise and recent collaborations, has ignited her ambition to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients from all walks of life to relax and enjoy the tranquil experiences offered by MsGskinlife.