Julie Chapman


Available: Monday, Friday
Phone: 0493 756 084

Julie has been a practicing Psychologist for the last 13 years, working in addictions and trauma in public health. She has worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, which has given her a thorough understanding of the complexity of problems that people experience. Her skill lies in helping people understand the issues they bring to therapy, and help them use evidence based techniques to solve them.

Areas of Special Interest

Complex post traumatic stress disorder, addictions, depression (including post natal depression), anxiety, borderline personality disorder and poor self-esteem.

Therapeutic Approach

She uses a schema therapy approach in her practice which is an evidenced based form of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). Schema therapy seeks to address the root cause of the problems that people bring to therapy. The cause of these issues can be from early life experiences, where people can develop problematic, entrenched ideas about the world (called schemas) which continue to play out in their lives. Schemas are more than just thoughts that you can change using cognitive strategies. They are programs that operate outside of our conscious awareness and require lifestyle changes, corrective emotional experiences, new behaviours, as well as cognitive techniques to resolve them.