Kirsten Hill

Naturopath & Remedial Massage Therapist

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday
Phone: 0403 390 711

Kirsten works as both a naturopath and remedial massage therapist with a background in critical care nursing and environmental conservation.

Kirsten has an interest in chronic fatigue, as after experiencing it herself, she understands the debilitating effects it can have on your life both professionally and personally, as well as your sense of identity.

“I understand how it feels to be a stranger in your own body and not be able to trust what it is going to do next. It wasn’t until I met with a naturopath for pain relief did I understand the full complexities of the syndrome and with diet and lifestyle changes supported by herbal/nutritional supplements, and remedial massage, I was able to re-enter life”.

Kirsten also works with fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, autoimmune conditions as well as many other chronic conditions such as: stress and anxiety; blood sugar irregularities; respiratory health; men and women's health; gastrointestinal disorders; and musculoskeletal disorders – tailoring a specific treatment plan to meet your needs and capabilities.

Kirsten is a professional member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).