Lurdes de Oliveira

Reiki Master

Available: By appointment
Phone: 0406 760 691

Lurdes has been practicing Reiki (Usui Lineage) for over 15 years. Reiki (or Universal Life Force energy) is an ancient energetic practice which enhances the body's natural healing ability and promotes wellbeing. It is non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful. Reiki treatment stands on its own as a healing practice and is also often used to support orthodox and complementary medicine. It doesn't interfere with or diminish the intended effects of other health or medical practices.

During a Reiki session, the client lays on a massage table, fully clothed. Lurdes directs the Reiki energy, using the gentle placement of her hands on or near the body. Her treatments feel both relaxing and revitalising, in a space that is nurturing and supportive.